Absolut Vodka Vanilia

Absolut Vodka Vanilia

Vodka and Liqueur

Description: Absolut Vanilia's rich character blends together vanilla, toffee, and caramel flavors. Its balance of sweet and smooth come together in harmony. Technical notes Winter Wheat, Pristine Water; 40.00%. Recipe Add 1 part Absolut Vanilia & 3 parts Cola, build in highball glass over cubed ice. Producer In 1879, Lars Olsson Smith introduced the continuous distillation with which he made Absolut Rent Brannvin. Instead of the usual three or four times, the vodka was distilled an infinite number of times. 100 years later, it was reintroduced as Absolut. Just as then, Absolut is produced in Ă…hus, L.O. Smith's birth town. Also the place where the wheat used for making the vodka is grown. And since the way Absolut is made won't change, neither will the true taste of vodka.
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