Long Trail Vt IPA 6-Pack

Long Trail Vt IPA 6-Pack

Beer - Craft IPA

Description: Andy Pherson, founder of the Long Trail Brewery, began his quest in 1989, in the basement of the old Bridgewater Woolen Mill here in Vermont's Green Mountains. His goal was to brew and sell beer that would be an American-made alternative to imported German and English ales. At that time the brewery was called the Mountain Brewers, though a name was still needed for the beer(s). While contemplating names Andy passed a Long Trail hiking trail marker on his way home in the nearby area and had an epiphany. Seeing the hikers on the sign and the words 'Long Trail' he knew right away that it was what he was looking for! Not long after naming his beer Long Trail Ale the name caught on and the brewery began to be referred to as "the Long Trail guys." The name Mountain Brewers was then dropped and the name 'Long Trail Brewing Company' was kept and continued on as the brewery they are today. Technical notes Style: Ipa. Abv: 6%. Ibu: 30.
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