Spindrift Grapefruit

Spindrift Grapefruit


Description: Add one part sweet to one part tart, and you've got the winning formula. Our sparkling Grapefruit soda is made with real, fresh grapefruits, triple-filtered water, bubbles and real cane sugar. Simple math. Producer Spindrift is America's first and only line of sparkling beverages made with real squeezed fruit. Our water is triple-filtered. Our fruit is picked from family farms and squeezed before it knows what hit it. From branch to bottle. From us to you. Light, bright, and slightly pulpy beverages. Sweetened or unsweetened. We think it's a radically simple and really refreshing idea. We hope you like it too. Bill Creelman grew up on a farm in Western Mass where all the food was unprocessed, seasonal and fresh. In 2009, he began making his own sparkling beverages to help him kick his fiendish Diet Coke habit. He wanted something refreshing, with real ingredients he could understand and feel good about. Something he could let his kids drink. After much trial and error he achieved this by combining simple ingredients: fresh fruit and triple-filtered sparkling water. Inspired by his days working on charter fishing boats off Nantucket Island, he named this new company Spindrift, the whitewash of a breaking wave. For him it is the perfect symbol of real refreshment. He also figured nobody would buy a beverage named Boat Captain. "We are proud to celebrate the fruit, berry and vegetable farms across America that supply us our ingredients." Bill Creelman.
Price: $ 2.79
Price in original currency: None

Previously available from Kappy's Route 1

Address: 325 Bennett Highway
Malden, MA  02148
United States
Telephone (regular): 781-321-1000
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