N.V. Rare White "RW" 4 Grape

From California

Description: Once Again This New Blend Just Flat Out."out-performs". Now This Just Might Be Our Single Greatest White Wine Buy In The Last 10 Years!! Unbelievable Deal And What A Blend!!. Rare White Nv California ($9.99) - Silver Medal/Best of Class California state appellations, 88 points. Winery Notes:. Gold Medal Winner at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Tasting. Chardonnay is still the leading white varietal wine of this country. Pinot Grigo is second. There exists a bewildering array of Chardonnays available to the consumer. They vary according to specific appellations and some are quite expensive. Pinot Grigio is a good everyday table wine but lacks the character of Chardonnay. The popular Italian Pinot Grigios are generally more neutral than California versions. The objective of Rare White is to offer the consumer something different and outstanding at an affordable price. This blend is designed to exceed anything in its price range and to rival fine wines at much higher prices.To accomplish this, it required careful selection and expert blending. The big four varieties created a wine of substance and multi dimensional character. This excellent blend will vary slightly in the future because it depends upon availability from our own inventories as well as opportunities on the current market. It always will be, however, an unbeatable value. Rare White is certainly true to its name. There is no blend like it. Rare White is composed of Chardonnay, Marsanne, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from select appellations in California. Chardonnay is the dominant constituent at 66% of the blend. The desirable characteristics of this famous varietal are evident. The wine has the fresh crispness, pineapple, citrus aromas and structure of Chardonnay. Marsanne adds body and longevity. Sauvignon Blanc contributes the fragrance of peaches and additional taste complexity. Semillon lends its fruit- reminiscent of fig and papaya. This wine proves that a skillful blend can exceed a single, one dimensional varietal. Because of its full body and expansive flavor, Rare White is a universal complement to most foods. It is marvelous with poultry and seafood especially mussels, crabs and lobster – even when lobster is served with a great deal of butter. It also is assertive enough to complement a variety of foods made with white cream sauces. Italian Risottos and Pasta Alfredo go very well with Rare White. Since it is dry, Rare White is also an excellent aperitif and should be served well chilled. 1/11/2012 -jm
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