Dom Perignon Gift Basket

Description: Introduced by champagne house MoĂŤt & Chandon in 1921, Dom Perignon serves as their prestige label famed for producing fine vintage champagne with many wine connoisseurs considering it the epitome of champagne. Fueled by a passion to provide champagne lovers with the finest bottlings possible, they only craft their vintages only during the best years making them a rare and highly desirable commodity with their prized bottlings often making an appearance at wine auctions where they regularly fetching exorbitant prices. This reputation for luxury and quality has since given them the unofficial title of being the ultimate party champagne being a constant fixture in lavish gatherings.
Price: $ 45.00
Price in original currency: None

Previously available from Spirited Gifts

Telephone (regular): 855-846-4438

First added to 1000 Corks on September 13, 2021.

This product was inactivated February 21, 2024.

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