Postales del Fin del Mundo Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Postales del Fin del Mundo Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Sauvignon Blanc,Semillon

Vintage: 2012
Description: Straightforward citrus and tangerine fruit. Spicy hint on the soft finish. Producer Bodega Del Fin del Mundo produces its wines by using the highest technology. This enables the improvement of wine making techniques and increases quality, emphasizes the wine personality and style, keeps the consistency of the products and defines the traceability of raw materials from the vineyard to the bottle, taking care of every step. The winery has 200 stainless steel tanks, 104 concrete pools, 2200 oak barrels, and 4 French oak casks of 6000 liters each one. Fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks under temperature control. White wines are produced in pursuit of the perfect harmony between sugar and acidity, which brings fresh, balanced wines, full of aromatic potential. The red wine maceration process takes about 25 days. Some red wines are aged in American and French oak barrels. This gives complexity and ageing potential. The aim of our winery is to keep up the quality of our products by using cutting edge technology and making the best use of our spectacular Patagonian terroir. Bodega del Fin del Mundo is the first winery in the Province of Neuquen. Our vineyards are located in San Patricio del Chanar, 55 kilometers away from Neuquen, a place where the agro-environmental conditions are ideal for growing vines. The fantastic temperature range - higher than 20ÂșC between night and day - caused by warm sunny days and cool nights, brings balance to the grapes and gives the wines their color, acidity, aromas and structure. Intense sun rays pass through the almost always clear sky, thus allowing the grapes to ripe in the correct manner. Low humidity and scarce rainfall - only 180 mm a year - keep the vineyard extraordinarily healthy.
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