Toscana Bianco "Il Corzanello" (Corzano e Paterno)

{organic} Trebbiano, Semillion, Malvasia, Chardonnay from Corzano e Paterno, "Il Corzanello" IGT B

Vintage: 2015
Description: Corzano e Paterno, "Il Corzanello" IGT Bianco, Tuscany, Italy 2015 {organic} Trebbiano, Semillion, Malvasia, Chardonnay Bright Blossomy Citrus & Pear, Refreshingly Youthful Energy An adventurous blend of four varietals spearheaded by Tuscany's native Trebbiano, the "Corzanello" ushers in a combination of the famously fresh drinkability of central Italy's white mainstays and exotic flourishes of a less expected nature. Wispy floral tinges decorate gently tangy citrus and juicy tree fruit while a touch of clean almond and delicate leesy richness hang out in the background, adding additional depth. This is an unmistakably healthy expression of Corzano's landscape and the loving meticulousness of the family which tends it. Serving Suggestion: Simple baked halibut w/ crispy roasted Tuscan kale. Stewed chicken breast w/ cannellini beans, carrots, & an orange or lemon marinade.
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