Shacksbury Dry Cider 12oz Can (12oz)

Shacksbury Dry Cider 12oz Can (12oz)

From USA

Description: 6.5% Abv - "Light and crisp. Made with these apple varieties - Jonagold, Spartan, McIntosh, Empire, Ellis Bitters, Browns, Michelin, Somerset Redstreak, and Dabinett.Slow, partial native yeast fermentation and aged over six months. The Shacksbury Dry is delightful yet still distinctly different, possessing mildly funky and earthy notes with a more citrusy finish that can leave you feeling like you were sucking on a lemon drop.Our ciders dont taste like most ciders on the market.Theyre not sweetwe're looking for complexity and flavors that people dont necessarily associate with apples. Apples can be spicy or nutty, tropical or smokey. I fall back on this analogy all the time, but we dont expect fine wine to taste like grape juice. Why should cider be any different?" - Brewmaster
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Previously available from Triangle Wine Company

Address: P.O. Box 977
Morrisville, NC   27560
United States
Telephone (toll-free): 800-919-7518
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