Black Maple Hill Small Batch, ° Whiskey, Bourbon 750 Ml.

Black Maple Hill Small Batch, ° Whiskey, Bourbon 750 Ml.

Vintage: 1995
Description: Small Batches only made! Now your chance to grab it! This small batch bourbon is blended from casks averaging 8 years old at Black Maple Hill. It is surprisingly smooth at 95 proof, and is a truly enjoyable small-production product.The Black Maple Hill came up very sweet and fruity on the nose, with a complex woodiness and an intriguing depth. On the palate, the whiskey continued its waves of sweetness, with touches of apples and pears mixed with brown sugar and leather. Touches of mild sourdough in the luscious middle were the main clues that this was a rye, and — most remarkable to me — the whiskey had an incredibly long and luxurious finish, with bright fruity notes that danced on the palate long after the whiskey was swallowed.
Price: $110.00

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