Pepiere Muscadet

Pepiere Muscadet

Melon de Bourgogne

Vintage: 2019
Description: Made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape, this appellatio n embodies the spirit of the Loire Valley perhaps more than any other of the region's great appellations. The most common response to the mention of the Muscadet to a consumer is a concern regarding sweetness. The "Musca" part of the name inspires kneejerk reactions due to its phonetic proximity to "Muscat" or "Moscato." Few wines, however, are more different from the syrupy, floral moscato than Muscadet; this bracingly dry style, historically built for oysters, is all about taut, nervy white mineral freshness, softly salty maritime essence, and a long, mouth-watering finish. This is one of those wines whose minerality makes the entire product feel like it cannot possibly come from fruit, a result of its extreme dryness and intensity.
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