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Get Lit with Bong Vodka

Missing your college days? Want to let your inner millennial out for a night? Bong Spirit Vodka is the way to go.

Bong Spirit Vodka

Copyright 2006 by Aaron Tang, licensed under CC by 2.0

Bong Spirit Vodka is about youthful energy, from its playful packaging to its Instagram. This is a product made specifically with the millennial generation in mind. Its eye-catching and over-the-top design stands out from its more staid and traditional shelf-mates in the liquor store. This is a statement piece, one to put out on the table at parties to get people talking.

But while Bong Vodka makes a great conversation-starter, it's not all flash. There's real substance under its drug-culture exterior.

Bong Spirit Vodka has won a few awards over the years, which proves that it should be taken seriously. It won Platinum Best in Show at the SIP Awards International Spirits Competition, The Gold Award (91 points) at the International Review of Spirits Awards, and First Place at the 22nd Annual Beverage Dynamics.

This vodka is distilled six times through a dual distillation process. Next, it's filtered four times through a sheet, candle, and charcoal process. This is all using a 175 year old recipe passed down through five generations of distillers from Holland. This pedigree combined with its clear reference to drug culture reflects the blending of tradition and youthful change found throughout the Netherlands and Europe as a whole.

Cities like Amsterdam are an eclectic mixture of old and new architecture and culture. The oldest building in Amsterdam was consecrated in the early fourteenth century, and yet it exists today in a city also dotted with skyscrapers and modern office buildings. The city itself has a rich history that has spanned 800 years. When people think of today's Amsterdam though, they are more likely to think of the carefree spirit that comes hand in hand with a thriving tourist industry supported in part by legalized marijuana.


Copyright 2005 by Ricardo Liberato, licensed under CC by 2.0

Bong vodka fully embraces the millennial spirit. The website says "Today’s Millennial vodka drinker is looking to challenge the status quo. Bong Vodka is for those who are not afraid to challenge authority." This youthful anti-authoritarianism makes it a standout liquor brand. It's brash and overt. So what if it isn't elegant or reserved? So what if it references drug culture and parties?

Alcohol is an integral part of social life, particularly for young people who want escape the stressful atmosphere of college or entry-level jobs. This is the perfect answer to that millennial desire for escapism: a liquor that is good quality without taking itself too seriously.

Plus it'll really step up your social media game.

You can buy some here: Bong Spirit Vodka

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