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Taste These Summer Beers Before Fall Rolls Around

Michele Zipkin for 1000 Corks

In these last few weeks of summer, when the sun is still making an appearance in the sometimes cloud-covered sky, the festivals are still swinging, and the cicadas are still adding their charming buzz to the soundtrack of warm, breezy nights, you may be inclined to grab a cold, crisp beer...or three. But you probably wouldn't want just any beer- you'd want something refreshing. And maybe a beer that is fruity, floral, or perhaps just sufficiently effervescent.

If you're on the look-out for some summer beers that don’t typically make an appearance in your revolving door of sudsy libations, you've come to the right place. Here are a few brews that bode particularly well for summertime drinking sessions and one-off indulgences alike.

Unibroue Ephemere

The first of the four beers in question is Ephemere, brewed by the Quebecois company Unibroue. Its title literally translating to ‘temporary’, it’s a perfect beer to drink during the stifling months of summer.

Both the sweetness and tartness of green apple predominate in this light-bodied, medium effervescent white ale. A few more ancillary flavors are better detected by sniffing: including coriander and cinnamon. Clocking in at a low alcohol of 5.5%, it’s a perfect beer for a quick refresher and a small buzz.

Dogfish Head's Aprihop

The next brew to be explored has been on the scene for a couple of years: Dogfish Head’s Aprihop. For some people, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good IPA on a summer’s day. But even if you’re not really a hop-head when it comes to beer, Aprihop may just strike your fancy.

Despite, according to Beer Advocate, being hopped with 'irresponsible amounts of Amarillo', apricot does play a significant role in this beer flavor-wise. You probably need only drink two or three of these puppies before getting a sufficient buzz, as its ABV is 7%.

The beer’s eerily awesome label sports a seemingly rabid red-eyed rabbit appropriately munching on apricots. Balanced by a pretty stellar blend of sweetness, fruitiness, and hops, Aprihop is well worth a glug or two, especially in the summer swelter.

Dogfish Head's Festina Peche

Aprihop’s peach counterpart, Festina Peche, is another excellent choice for a fruity summer beer. It's a touch bitter and substantially less hoppy. According to Beer Advocate, its complex peach flavors are melded into the nose and taste of this particular brew.

It proves a stellar choice if you’re looking to keep the evening relatively level-headed, as its ABV is only 4.5%. Similar to Aprihop, its label portrays a vampiric raccoon clutching a peach.

Off Color Brewing Troublesome

And finally, we come to Off Color, a quirky little Chicago-based brewery. Troublesome is the beer on the podium for this quick and dirty attribute run-down. It may be the odd man out of the two aforementioned fruit-forward brews, but it's still worth a spot in the limelight because one of its key - yet apparently secret - ingredients is lactobacillus.

Off Color Troublesome Beer

Troublesome is an amalgam of two different beers- a fairly run-of-the-mill wheat beer, and a more eccentric beer fermented with only lactobacillus. Coriander and a touch of salt work in tandem to create a tiny bit of lemon-flavored sourness in this unique and off the beaten path beer. With an ABV of only 4.3%, just above that of most session ales, you'll have room to toss back a few before feeling fuzzy in the head. Not your typical, but hey, what’s typical when it comes to the art of brewing?

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