Blog: Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pacific Rim For Only $2.99

Cost Plus World Market, one of our favorite places to go for good wines at great prices, has the 2008 Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling and the 2007 Pacific Rim Dry Riesling for $7.99 per bottle.

A rebate form attached to the bottle offers a $10 rebate when you buy two bottles, so if you fill it out properly you're only paying $2.99 plus tax for each.

Pacific Rim Rebate

Pay attention to the terms and dates of the rebate. For this particular offer, you'll need to fill out the rebate form, write the UPC numbers from the bottles on the original receipt, and include the receipt.

Pacific Rim is a winery owned by Randall Grahm. Randall's other winery is, of course, Bonny Doon.

Happy Savings!

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Three comments

Kris Moe wrote (five years ago)

Got to love Costco, Bev Mo and Cost Plus for pricing and the selection.

Thomas @ The Blog Wine Cellar wrote (five years ago)

Pretty good buy if you want to go through the mail-in rebate thing. I always thought those were well worth the stamp. Some people get lazy though and don't want to send out any mail. This is a wine well worth a couple of bucks, definitely better than two buck schmuck!

Carolois wrote (five years ago)

I miss reading your wine blog. Any plans for more frequent entries?

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